Maybe you've heard of me?

Maybe you've heard of me?
Please to meet you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby Stories

    We all have those heartwarming stories of when we were young, but do you ever feel bad about them?
        I sometimes feel guilty that I made my parents deal with my crazy antics. For example, I once tried to feed my white stuffed poodle Floam. For all of you that don't know, Floam is a very stinky, very sticky, very neon substance with small Styrofoam balls in it. This event ultimately ended with a poodle with a neon pink snout.
       Stories like these make me say to myself, "How did they EVER put up with me for 13 years?"We all have good and bad (if you don't, you're lying) stories of our childhoods, it just so happens that mine are mostly bad. What can I say?
       We can't all be the tame children on diaper commercials where the baby naps peacefully while Amazing Grace plays in the background. Instead, most of us were the one's on the paper towel commercials where the baby has dry spaghetti sauce all over the body and stale cheerios stuck in the hair and the mom's have hair flying every which way, sporting the same cheerios. Oh! having kids sounds great! Not.

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  1. Holy cow, Hannah! Some of Courtney's writing prowess has DEFINITELY rubbed off on you!! You're fantastic!!