Maybe you've heard of me?

Maybe you've heard of me?
Please to meet you.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ogunquit: somewhere over the rainbow

   In Maine, we visited footbridge beach, in Ogunquit, ME. This was a beach where the only entrance was a 4-ft wide footbridge.
  It was a cloudy day so we were expecting to not see many people. We were walking towards the beach on the footbridge, and a guy was walking towards the parking lot (the opposite way.) This guy had very short cut-off jean shorts and orange skin. He was short and his curly hair flopped onto his forehead in a way that looked like he had a helmet made of hair.
    He stops in front of us, looks at me, and in an Irish accent say "You have very pretty eyes if I do say so myself." I nodded awkwardly and thanked him. I cringed as he walked away. My dad laughed and we finally made it to the beach.
    When we got there, we admired the beach for a few seconds and then started walking to the left of the bridge. There was Mr.Leprechaun man, pacing as if he was a robot doing exercise. I poked my dad and his eyes widened in disbelief. How the the world had he crossed the thin bridge without us noticing? Well, he couldn't.  It was impossible.
    We were very creeped out. We tried to get away from him so we zig-zagged through the deserted beach. It seemed like no matter how far away we walked, he was always just 10 feet from us. We were sill trying to get away from him when it started raining.
   Since we were already planing on getting wet, we just decided to stay and wait a little bit before going into the water. As we waited, we were drawing in the sand. When I looked up again, there he was...taking off his shorts...and he was wearing a bright blue speedo.
   At this point, we decided to leave. Later that day, while looking at pictures taken, we noticed that he was in 75% of our pictures. (Creepy)
   Now this will probably be a story we will laugh at for years to come, but at the time, it was very scary. I will always remember that place as Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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