Maybe you've heard of me?

Maybe you've heard of me?
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grandpa Marve

   I have heard many stories about my grandpa Marve. About how he cut lunch meat into dinosaurs and used icicles to transform himself in to a unicorn.
     But the most sad (and memorable for me) is how he passed away the night before my first birthday. August 27, 2000. 
    Its crazy to think about how we celebrate happy occasions  with so many terrible things happening around us.  How do we rejoice when we should be grieving?
     The funny part is, happy feelings last longer than sad ones. The sad are more intense in the beginning but several years after the event we are grieving less and celebrating as much as always.

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  1. I immediately connected with the theme you described. When I first heard the news about the planes on 9/11, my first thought was about the babies being born that day.

    How scary would it be to entering a world where everything seemed so scary and uncertain? How tragic would it be to have your special day--your slice of1/365th of the year be the most painful memory for the rest of the nation?

    Or what if that was already your birthdate? Could you ever look forward to it again? Could you fight through the guilt and peer pressure to be solemn and somber and still let your heart feel joy?

    The thing is, tragedy is inevitable, and if you looked hard enough through the history books, you could find something heartbreaking for every day of the year.

    This is where people matter the most. New lives have the power to redeem and sustain. The hope for a better tomorrow is in your hands today and every August. You are the gift that makes the tragedy worth the sacrifice.