Maybe you've heard of me?

Maybe you've heard of me?
Please to meet you.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Xylophone Gator

   When I was a kid, I had a xylophone that looks like an alligator. I don't know what was so enjoyable about hitting the colorful metal keys with the plastic yellow mallet. It might be the high pitched ringing or the vibrating after the initial strike, but it was fun and one of my favorite toys.  
   Along with my fuzzy pink princess telephone or my pink princess cash register (with a REAL conveyer belt!) Not to mention my ball popper, which had a blue handle and when you pushed/pulled it, the little colorful balls would pop up and hit the clear dome with a satisfying "POP!"
   Even now when I think about my childhood toys, my first thought is always about my xylophone gator.

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