Maybe you've heard of me?

Maybe you've heard of me?
Please to meet you.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Maine, land of fun and great fudge

    Over our summer 2012 journey, one of our stops was Maine. We lived in a mobile home that was parked in a lot near the beach. We stayed in Maine for a week and I enjoyed every minute of it.
    The streets were lined with shops ranging from popcorn shops to fortune tellers. From an ice cream store to a fudge shop. It was great!
   Our activities consisted of going to he beach, going to the fun-o-rama (an arcade that also had bowling), and at night we would choose a special dessert and walk along the beach.
   If you ever have an opportunity to come here, then do it. I have cleverly named this magical place: Maine, the land of fun and great fudge.

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